What are the best garden swings on the market?

garden swings

What are the best garden swings on the market?

One of the most popular and attractive games that all public parks have as a general rule, are undoubtedly the swings. This popularity is mainly due to the sensations they produce when swinging on them, generating joy and entertainment for a long time.

If you own a house with a spacious garden, then you can bring that fun into your home by installing a  Garden Swing . If you are thinking of purchasing one, you should know that there are different  types of swings which vary depending on their design, the use that is going to be given to them and the average age of the people who are going to use them. It is worth mentioning that swings not only offer fun but also have a series of benefits for the health of the infant.

Types of garden swings for children 

Among the most popular swings we have:

wooden swings 

They are usually more expensive but offer better finishes and designs. They are also the most recommended for infants due to the robustness and resistance they offer. There is a wide variety of wooden garden swings such as:

  • Magnus children’s swing – It consists of two seats and a hooking ladder. It is designed for children from 3 years old.
  • Masgames vega mixed swing – This type of swing has a very robust and stable structure because the wood is 100cm thick. It also has two seats.
  • Kadi double children’s swing with baby seat – Due to its manufacture with wood treated for the exterior, this swing has good resistance and robustness. It is ideal for the smallest of the house since it has a baby seat and another oblique.

metal swings 

They are usually a little cheaper than the wooden ones and are recommended for children up to 12-14 years old since they offer little resistance if the person’s weight exceeds 60 Kg. As for the most popular metal swings, we have:

  • Triple yucca children’s swing with baby seat – It was designed with the outdoors in mind, so it offers good resistance due to its galvanized structure and steel screws. It has a Yuca face-to-face seat, two oblique seats and an additional one for babies.
  • Feber water swing swing – A swing designed for the fun of the little ones since it has a random water system whose purpose is for the child to avoid getting wet.
  • Metal swing – baby swing smoby – Due to its size (120 cm high) this swing is designed for babies. It has an adjustable growth seat which can be modified as the baby grows.

Benefits of the swing

In addition to fun, swings offer several benefits for the child’s health:

  • It encourages team play as it motivates the little one to compete with other children and adults.
  • It stimulates personal freedom and contact with the environment.
  • It improves motor skills since in order to swing higher and maintain balance, the little one will need to combine movements in the arms, legs and waist.
  • It stimulates the nervous system since when the child manages to balance, the neurons multiply and interconnect with each other, managing to coordinate all their senses.

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