5 tips to promote OUTDOOR PLAY in children


Today we talk about outdoor play and its importance in the healthy and happy development of children. The game is the natural activity in boys and girls, it becomes a necessary activity for them, since it is the main tool for their development and learning.

The game is much more than fun, through playful activity, they experience reality, try different roles, learn to function, promote their social skills and build important learning. The game being the engine that drives their development and learning . Through the game they learn to be and enhance their abilities.

Playing is essential for the little ones. It is essential to promote and take advantage of games, to promote their healthy and happy development.

The benefits of play in children

Outdoor play allows them important development possibilities. The benefits of the game are as follows :

  • It is an engine that drives and enhances its development:
    • Psychomotor: They learn to control and coordinate their body. Through games they develop their motor skills and achieve important skills.
    • Cognitive : They use ingenuity, inventiveness and develop their thinking. With the game they improve skills such as verbalization, vocabulary, language comprehension , concentration capacity, imagination, curiosity, problem-solving strategies, etc.
    • Social and affective: Through the game they come into contact with others, which will allow them to enhance their social skills. They discover the value of the other and experience different social roles. They learn cooperation, empathy and communication skills.
    • Moral: They learn the meaning of the rules and the importance of complying with them for the good of the group.
  • It favors their personal development : With the game they acquire important learning about themselves and the world around them, they train skills and abilities, they practice routines and behavior sequences.
  • Play provides an opportunity for them to create their own meanings and understand the world around them.
  • It serves to stimulate the child, due to its playful and motivating nature.

5 Tips to promote outdoor play that favor the development of the child

  1. If you want them to learn and be stimulated, try to turn any activity into a game, create a world apart from spontaneity and fun . Take advantage of outdoor outings, experiment with whatever comes to mind.
  2. Participate in the game not only act as a spectator , but the protagonists must be them. It is important that the boys and girls are the ones who create the game, the ones who invent it, without the adult hindering their creativity and ability to think. You can contribute ideas and enter their world, in this way you will contribute to the creation of affective bonds.
  3. Put yourself at their level , in the game we are all equal, make sure your eyes are at their level. And participate as one more.
  4. It facilitates the necessary conditions for the game to develop naturally and spontaneously.
  5. Use expressiveness, clarity and simple language, and have a bodily disposition. Take advantage of movement, playing outdoors is accompanied by movement and allows us multiple options.

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