online scratch cards

online scratch cards

The well-known scratch cards have been around since the 90’s, many people regularly buy a scratch card. However, not everyone knows that scratch cards can also be played online. Playing a scratch card online is not much different than a ticket you can buy at the store. However, if you choose to play at an online casino, you have a number of advantages. You will receive a welcome bonus if you create an account and buy credit. It also has a wide range of online scratch cards that you can choose from. There are several designs and themes, there is something for everyone!

On this page you can find out more about the offer of the scratch card game and at which online casinos you can play. In addition, you can already try some free scratch cards through this page, so you can discover the different themes and features of the game.

How can you play scratch cards online?

Playing scratch cards online is really very simple, first choose the game you want to play. With your mouse pointer, you can click on the various squares on the scratch card to scratch it open. You will then immediately see if you have won a prize. Exactly how many of the same symbols you need to find depends on the type of online scratch card you’re playing. It is not always necessary to click frame by frame to open it. Often there is also a button with, for example, the text “scratch all”. When using this feature, all boxes are automatically scratched open. There are also additional game features that you can find. For example, the multiplier, this multiplies the cash prize you have won by a certain factor. 

try it for free

Almost all online casinos offer online scratch cards that you can play for free. Choose a scratch card theme that suits you best and try out the various features of the game. If you play scratch cards for free, of course you cannot win real cash prizes. Do you want to win a real cash prize? Then play at the online casinos on this website and immediately receive a welcome bonus.

What is the difference between a paper scratch card and an online scratch card?

The most noticeable difference is, of course, obvious. You can buy a paper scratch card somewhere at a gas station, tobacconist or supermarket. While playing a scratch card and win online over the Internet at an online casino. However, there are also differences that are perhaps less obvious. Here we are mainly talking about the payout percentage. When you buy paper scratch cards, they offer you as a player a payout percentage of 45% up to a maximum of 55%. On average, this same percentage goes back to the game provider to replenish the prize pool. However, when you play scratch cards online, the payout percentages they are much higher. These payout percentages range from 89% to 96%. Of course, this is much more favorable for you as a player, on average you have a better chance of winning a cash prize!

Tips for you as a player

Here are some tips which can come in handy when playing scratch cards online. For example, don’t try to play a scratch card with a very large jackpot. The downside to this is that these games are less likely to give a winning combination. This has to do with the fact that this type of scratch card is set up in such a way that the main prize must also be funded from somewhere. That, of course, is also logical, a cash prize is paid less quickly because the game “saves” for the main prize. If you prefer to regularly win a smaller cash prize, simply look for a scratch card game with a pay table that lists smaller prizes. Try to agree a budget with yourself in advance for what you want to spend on playing scratch cards online. There are several built-in functionalities, so you might be able to review your gaming budget pretty quickly. For example, if you play multiple scratch cards at the same time or frequently choose the “scratch all” option, you can go quickly.

Frequent questions

  • When do I win a cash prize? The moment you play scratch cards at a casino on this website, you can win real cash prizes. You win a prize when you scratch several of the same symbols. The number of symbols and the type of symbols varies depending on the type of scratch card.
  • What are the chances of winning with an online scratch card? On average, payout percentages range from 89% to 96%. This means you have a very good chance of winning a cash prize!
  • What type of scratch card can I play online? There are a large number of scratch cards to play online with many different themes. Also, sometimes you have the option to play multiple tickets at the same time, or there is an extra large prize that you can win.
  • Can I also play through my phone or tablet? Yes, today you can play all kinds of scratch cards on both a tablet and a phone.

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