5 strategy games for kids

strategy games

Strategy games for children have a wide variety of benefits for the little ones and, in addition, they tend to fascinate the little ones in the house.

Likewise, it is important to note that today there are many online portals , mobile application platforms and board games that make it possible for children to enjoy strategy games for children at any time and place .

At socialbettinggames we have brought together some of our favorites in this post so that you can discover them and make them known to your children, since strategy games for children offer endless benefits for young and old because:

  • They improve conflict resolution because they involve making decisions that can mark the outcome of the game because, if they are correct, the player can become the winner. This aspect is of great importance if we take into account that children who take advantage of strategy games from a young age will be able to find solutions to their problems very easily when they reach adulthood.
  • They allow the use of both hemispheres of the brain . Although there are many experts who agree that human beings use the two cerebral hemispheres when carrying out any type of action, there are also many people who assure that each hemisphere is related to different capacities. However, strategy games for kids are great whatever the valid theory, as they allow you to use both hemispheres at the same time.
  • They offer hours and hours of fun and are great for kids to have fun anytime, anywhere, especially when it comes to games made up of folding boards or with versions for the tablet or mobile phone.
  • They prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia by putting the brain into action and enhancing mental agility.

5 strategy games for boys and girls

Did you know these benefits of strategy games ? If you have found them interesting, take note of these five ideal hobbies for the whole family and specially designed to delight the little ones.

Conquering the Pirate Island

There are many children who have dressed up as sailors on occasion and have pretended that they were the kings of the seas and the best treasure hunters in the ocean.

Through Conquering the Pirate Island they can become authentic sailors without having to leave home or get on a ship.

And it is that this free app for Android available on Google Play can be defined as a strategy game full of fun and suitable for all audiences in which users become soldiers to finish off the pirates who live on a remote island.

To achieve their goal, players must shoot down the corsairs with cannon fire after deciding the angle and power of the shot.

In addition to stimulating children’s strategic thinking, the Conquering the Pirate Island application has some striking and colorful graphics that will capture the attention of the little ones.

plants vs zombies

Although it costs 0.99 euros on the Google Play platform, the Plants versus Zombies game could not be missing from this compilation because it is super fun and very exciting.

In fact, its creators have already won several awards because we are faced with a most entertaining and original pastime where players must use all their ingenuity to prevent the undead from entering their home.

To do this, they have a certain number of plants that increases as the game progresses and that have different powers by causing the zombies to walk more slowly or see their strength weakened, for example.

Another aspect to highlight about this strategy game is that it has a total of 50 levels and that it is also available on the App Store.

socialbettinggames card game

socialbettinggames’s educational card game is one of the most complete because, in addition to stimulating children’s strategic thinking , it deals with improving cognitive development and working memory , the latter being closely linked to IQ.

In addition, this card game is also perfect for enhancing the arithmetic skills of children and young people, who must add up their points at all times to achieve their goals, which focus on winning wisdom duels by taking advantage of the powers of the beings belonging to the kingdom. magical from socialbettinggames.

It should also be noted that this exciting card game, ideal for children between 6 and 12 years old, has a folding board that children can take anywhere.

three in a row

The game Three in a row has been present in our lives for many years. However, to enjoy it it is no longer necessary to draw it on paper or have the board game.

Now the whole family can enjoy this entertaining pastime using the smartphone, computer or tablet thanks to the rise of new technologies.

To do this you can use Tic Tac Toe , a free app for Android devices that is available for mobile and tablet and that offers various levels of difficulty so that the whole family can enjoy it.

But the best thing about this strategy game is that it allows players to challenge themselves against the machine itself or face their family and friends to see who is the best playing three in a row.

Daisy’s Plumber Puzzle

We end this compilation of strategy games for children with Daisy’s Plumber Puzzle , available on the virtual platform free of charge.

The users’ mission focuses on placing the pipes in such a way that the water reaches the flower in the shortest time possible and on going from one level of difficulty to another until facing screens that require large doses of concentration.

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