The 10 best popular card games to enjoy with the family

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We all have a deck of cards at home, either to play solitaire or to have a poker game with our colleagues. Discover the most popular card games: with Spanish cards, casino cards, to play at home…

Card games are one of the essential hobbies in any society. Throughout history we find many examples, for example with soldiers who killed time between battles during the war by playing cards. We have an infinite number of decks, among which the Spanish and the French stand out , and they are an element that cannot be missing in any house. Who hasn’t finished a family meal or a dinner with friends playing cinquillo, mus or poker? Not to mention the card drinking games, another great classic.

And in addition to physical cards, we can play online card games . Here it is convenient to differentiate between online casino card games, regulated by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), in which we can play with money and on the other hand there are online card games outside that regulation in which, Obviously, we cannot play with money. We are going to learn a little more about the most popular card games in Spain , essential in our popular culture .

Best Spanish card games

How could it be otherwise, we started with the Spanish card games , those that we play with decks of gold, cups, swords and clubs. We could say that they are traditional games, that many of us learn as children playing with our family on those Sunday afternoons in winter when there is not much to do; an element of leisure that we transmit from generation to generation. Many times we bet small amounts of money, although they are unregulated games. These are the 10 most outstanding card games with a Spanish deck .


We start with a game that we can play with a Spanish or French deck, one of the easiest that exists. There are countless variants, although the classic is the most popular. There are seven blocks of cards, in the first block face up, in the second – one face down and one uncovered; in the third, two face down and one face up, etc. The rest of the cards are in the deck, and the objective will be to make ladders to order the decks by suit. When a face down card is “unlocked”, it is revealed.

  • Players : 1
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish or French)


The goal is to add the most points by winning the different rounds. The Ace is worth 11, the 3 is worth 10, the King is worth 4, the Knight is worth 3, the Jack is worth 2 and the other cards have no value. To win, you have to add as many points as possible with the cards won in each trick, which is why it is important to win with high-scoring cards (Ace, 3). The maximum that can be added is 120.

  • Players : 2 to 4
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish)


All cards are dealt, and the player starts with the 5 of Pentacles. Next, the player to the right of him plays, and he can play a 5 of another suit or follow the Pentacles straight (4 or 6), always without skipping the order of the cards. If a player has no cards to continue playing, he loses his turn. The first player to run out of cards is the winner.

  • Players : 3 to 6
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish)

4. Half past 7

The goal is to win the bets that are placed on each hand. There is always a player who acts as a bank, and is in charge of dealing cards. Players place a bet and ask for or reject the dealer’s cards depending on whether they believe that the sum of points of their cards is close to the bet or goes bust.

  • Players : 2 or more
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish)


It is played in pairs, with which we will try to make signs to each other without the opposing pair being able to intercept them. The objective is to reach the maximum score, eight or six amarrakos -unit wagered-. Each player starts with four cards in hand, and each round decides whether to play pigs, dicks or big boys and whether to go or not go.

  • Players : 4
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish)

6. Tute

Each player is dealt 8 cards, and as the tricks are played they have to take another one from the deck until they are all gone. The objective is to score more points than other players, for which the Ace is worth 11 points, the 3 is worth 10, the King is worth 4, the Knight is 3 and the Jack is 2. The trick is won with the highest card. high of the “trump suit”, the suit of the first card on the table.

  • Players : 1 (Spanish)
  • Number of decks : 2 to 4


Each player receives 7 cards, rejecting the next card that is revealed on the table to make the discards. The King is the highest value card and the Ace the bottom card, and the goal is to make a straight of seven cards of the same suit. It can be closed with 3 or 4 cards (three of a kind, straights). Another way to win is to “eliminate” the rest of the players by making them add up to more than 100 points.

  • Players : 2 to 12
  • Number of decks : 1 -2 depending on the number of players- (Spanish)


The objective is to add more points than the rivals at the end of the game. The usual thing is that in each hand the players have an additional card and for this we have to guess the number of tricks that we will win in each game. They can be many or few, and you think of the overall game, not each hand.

  • Players : 3 to 8
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish)


The objective is to add 15 points. To do this, there are four cards on the table and the player can use one of his cards and as many as he wants from the table to reach 15 points. Of course, the golds have a different value so you will have to be smart to achieve those 15 points with various combinations. At the end of each game, the points are counted.

  • Players : 2 to 6
  • Number of decks : 1 (Spanish)


10 cards are dealt to the participants, leaving one uncovered in the center. The cards have their numerical value except Jack, Knight and King, which are worth 10, and the objective is to form a series of equal cards or straights with cards of the same suit. We can use jokers, and the “Remigio” is to make all the cards equal.

  • Players : 2 to 6
  • Number of decks : 2 (Spanish or French)

online casino card games

Any casino worth its salt will offer us a series of online card games , and here you will be able to bet money. These are games perfectly regulated by the DGOJ, which grants online casinos the license to operate them. Without authorization, they cannot offer them. This is because we are talking about card games with real money bets , and regularization guarantees users a reliable, safe and honest gaming environment, a fair game with clear rules where only luck will decide your game. These games are played with a French deck.


It is one of the most popular card games in the world, and the goal is to get the best combination whether it is a royal flush, flush, full house or a simple two pair. There are a wide variety of versions, from covered poker, Seven-Card stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Poker 224 as the most prominent, and the joker can be added. The player faces the other players, being able to join the game when it has already started or reload if they run out of chips. As popular online as offline, one of the plans with friends that never fails.

  • Players: 2 to 14
  • Number of decks: 1 (French)

Black Jack

Another international card games, known all over the world. The objective is to add 21 and/or beat the bank, always without exceeding 21 points. The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, the figures (J, Q, K) 10 and from 2 to 10 keep the value. The player receives 2 cards, and from there decides if he wants more cards or stands. Once planted, it is the turn of the banker who is obliged to request a card if he has 16 points or less or to stand if he is between 17 and 21. There are two varieties, American blackjack and European blackjack , as well as versions such as surrender  or multiplayer .

  • Players: 1 to 5
  • Number of decks: 4 to 8 (French)

point and banking

It is a derivative of blackjack, with a similar mechanic, although the croupier hides both cards until it is the bank’s turn, so the player plays blind. Also, he is required to hit if he is under 15 or a soft 17 (17-7). The bank always wins ties, and in addition to the Pontoon (21) there is a special play called the 5-card trick, which consists of accumulating 5 cards without exceeding 21.

  • Players: 1
  • Number of decks: 4 to 8 (French)


Baccarat, Baccara or Punto y Banca, is a game where the goal is to reach 9 points and you can bet on the winner: player, bank or tie. Ace is worth 1, number cards keep their value and K, Q and J are worth nothing. The player and the bank receive 2 cards, and if they exceed 9, 10 is subtracted. Depending on the total points, a third card can be requested, and the one closest to 9 wins -subtracting 10 whenever 9 is exceeded-. The victory is paid 1 to 1 and the tie 8 to 1.

  • Players: 1
  • Number of decks: 3 or 6

Other types of card games

We already know the most popular card games , but this does not mean that they are the only ones. The truc, the botifarra, the ass, the square and the multiple versions of these games make the options hundreds. Not to mention card games for children or games with other decks. Card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic, soccer card games, commercial products such as the extremely popular UNO card game… and we can’t mention all the card games that exist, because we would never end.

card games for two

One of the secrets of the success of card games is their multiplayer character , but we also find card games for two. Blackjack or poker – all forms of poker admit two players – are a good example, but we also have pocha, briscola, tute or bridge that allow us to compete directly against another person. Its great advantage is that one more person is enough to play.

free card games

Most of the games we have seen are free card games, although there are also versions that we can bet on . What’s more, in card games with money, such as poker or blackjack and their derivatives, we have the option to try them for free. On the one hand we have the card games in demo mode of many online casinos, as well as emulators, and on the other hand there are the bonuses to play free blackjack that some online casinos offer us in our account.

Card games for children

Card games such as the cinquillo, the broom or the liar are also card games for children, who will have fun playing cards. In addition to the usual family card games, we have an infinite number of fun children’s card games adapted to the age of the smallest of the house with which we will enjoy a great family experience. It is enough to have a little imagination and know how to make cards for board games at home to further enhance the experience, and even invent games.

online card games

Although cards are something we like to play in person, an element of social interaction, we cannot ignore online card games. Whether in a casino, on a website or through apps, you can play cards online with your friends or with strangers and have a good game of cards. They are available 24 hours a day, and in cases like online poker they can help us improve our level.

Finn and Jake card games

Adventure Time is one of the most popular series at the moment, and Finn and Jake have their own card game. Of course, it is not a conventional card game but we are talking about an online card game, through the app. All you have to do is find the app on your usual download platform and you’ll be able to play. The game is in Spanish, although Finn and Jake retain their original voices.

drinking card games

Starting from the basic principle that says that any card game has a version in drinking games, we must mention some of the most popular games in this regard. More/less, even/odd, red/black, the pyramid, the pot of death or the liar are just a few examples of drinking card games . Just use a little imagination, although remember that if you drink you should not bet on card games or any other game that involves the use of money.

soccer card games

Strategy is key to winning when playing cards, and soccer games are no exception. They are fun, multiplayer card games that allow us to play both physically and online, starring the best soccer players where strategy will be key . We cannot overlook soccer card collections either, just as other sports cards are collected.

fun card games

What card game is not fun? We cannot make a list of fun card games, since it depends on the tastes of each player. Generally speaking, we find the games we’re best at, or win most regularly, more fun, and the ones we’re not as good at less. Poker, briscola, cinquillo, blackjack, donkey or even solitaire itself can be fun card games.

magic card games

Magic is probably the most popular magic card game in Spain, although there are several similar games that fall within what we can consider magic card games . On the other hand, we have decks for magic tricks with cards, for which French decks are usually used. But we are not going to be the ones to discover where the tricks are.

card games for one

The solitaire card game is the most popular for a single user, although luckily there is more than one variant. Most computers or mobile devices also include the free spider solitaire card game, there are plenty of free apps to play cards. If you want to play other games, you always have the opportunity to search for those online card games and let the internet work its magic and sit you down at a table with other users to play your favorite game.


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