Games of Chance and Social Networks, a good combination

Social Networks

The significant growth that social networks are experiencing now covers almost all our fields of activity. Online interaction could not be exempt from the incorporation of games of chance among its most significant applications.

According to a study carried out by Facebook, the world’s largest social network, the number of users who use their games increased by 15% in 2011, going from 205 million users who used their online games to 235 million. users who access this type of applications, practically on a daily basis.

European developers and their importance

The importance of European game developers is clear from the fact that among the top ten game developers in the world, five of them are European: Wooga,, Peak Games, Rovio, and Social Point. It is precisely, the second developer in the top ten after Zinga, which brings Facebook 51 million monthly active users.

Facebook has also developed its first real gambling game, called Bingo Friendzy, for Europe. In principle, and I don’t know if this has now changed, this real Facebook betting game was exclusively for users of the social network residing in the United Kingdom, and who were over 18 years of age.

Other alternatives to gambling

With the aim of increasing the offer, other alternative offers to games of chance have also been incorporated. Among them are the “Slots” and the “ Virtual Casinos ”. Poker games and applications are also gaining a lot of ground in the social media space , a game that cannot be missing in a self-respecting virtual casino.

This growth that is taking place among this type of application is most importantly responsible for the greater use of the “App Center”, which makes it possible for users to be 2.4 times more likely to download the game and, even more interesting, that the 35% of these users return the next day to continue playing.

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