Keys to play Multiplayer Roulette


Multiplayer Roulette has unique features  that you will find at Betsson, the Swedish Online Gaming Giant.

We give you some Betsson tips so you can get the most fun out of Roulette . 

Betsson Tip 1: 6 Players at 9 Different Tables!  Up to almost 6 players can fit in a Betsson Roulette table  at the same time. And in addition, you will be able to observe your opponents at the top of the mat in the guise of different avatars. Oh, don’t forget that you can play at the table of your choice. You just have to choose the one you like the most. You can try one, move to another and go back to the old one, as long as the table is not already occupied by 6 other users. And if you pick a full table, you’ll be sent to the next fullest. If you don’t like the one awarded to you very much, you can change.

Betsson Tip 2: – Roulette doesn’t stop!  Roulette always spins and consistently pays off, whether you bet or not. Feel free to play, watch and play again. You will notice that, between games, you have an interval of  20 seconds  to place your bet on the table. A countdown on the screen will tell you how many seconds are left in the bet. After that time, no more! that the ball is about to fall. Oh, and don’t hesitate to watch as the ball starts spinning seconds before the betting time runs out, making for a much more dynamic game pace.

Betsson Tip 3 – We tell you… Go to the  “History” button  and an alternative roulette will show you the numbers that have come up the most/least based on the last 100 games. Also, you will see bar charts that tell you if more red/black numbers, even/odd, 1-18/19-36, dozens, columns come up. As you play, you will see the last 6 results, the 4 hot numbers and the 4 coldest numbers updated in real mode.

Betsson Tip 4: – Chat and have fun, keep the fun going!  Do not cut yourself and share the emotion of the game with your rivals.

Betsson Tip 4: One Click Bets…  Bet on numbers ending in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 with one click. Give one of them and you will see how the chosen finish is painted on the table.

Betsson Tip 5: Skip the mat!  Bet on specific areas of the roulette -neighbors of zero, thirds or orphans- thanks to the option attached to the table that you will find by clicking on the ellipse symbol. This option, popularly known as  French bet , allows you, for example, to bet on zero and its five neighbors on the wheel to the left and right. Do it with this feature instead of betting on the table one at a time.

That’s all folks, now enjoy Betsson Multiplayer Roulette! 

Enjoy multiplayer roulette at Betsson and at our online casino to give free rein to leisure, entertainment and the best fun.


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