Why are mobile casinos becoming more and more popular?

mobile casinos

The pandemic has led to the digitization of many sectors whose activity, until now, was partially or fully carried out in person. The world of casinos has been one of the areas that has been most telematized in recent months. The online gaming modality allows you to access the online casino at any time, from anywhere and through all kinds of devices. Computers, tablets and especially mobile phones have been configured as access routes to classic card games, slot machines, sports betting and other entertainment, which are now offered in a fully digital format.

What are mobile casinos?

Mobile casinos have the same characteristics as conventional casinos, but with the great particularity of being able to participate in the games without physically appearing. In this way, the comfort of home serves as an equally recreational and playful space, open to any player who wishes to participate in the usual games via mobile.

Wide variety of games

The offer of recreational games is greater in online casinos. As they work through a web browser, the catalog on offer is broader and more varied, as it is not limited by physical space. The square meters, in this type of casino, are not a problem. On the other hand, that they are online, makes them miscellaneous. Among the different games, there are modalities of casinos typical of Las Vegas (to cite an example) to which, if it were not for technology, one would not have access. Typical recreational activities such as card games ( blackjack ), russian roulette, slot machines, etc. They are offered in various game modes. Among these modalities, “streaming” stands out, which consists of broadcasting live a game, a contest, a competition, a bet… whatever, in real time. In this way, several players have access to the same game room, in which they can see the course of the game as it progresses, in the form of a direct broadcast. In these rooms and under this “multiplayer” modality, the participants can communicate with each other via chat, and the online casino opens for the duration of the streaming game .

How does mobile benefit casinos?

The mobile allows casinos to adapt to the needs of players, since they do not have a schedule (it can be played at any time of the day and on any day of the week) and, in addition, it allows those users who do not have they can play for a long time in the little idle moments of everyday life: in line at the bank, during a break from work, on the way home, etc.

How to know if the casino is legal or not?

When you already know what the mobile casino consists of, the next question that is usually asked questions the legality of the casino. In Spain, gambling that fails to comply with what is stipulated is considered illegal and can be read on the official website that manages Spanish casino games . Also, on the page itself, you can consult those that are legal. For an online casino on mobile be legal in Spain, it is necessary that you have a qualifying title. Law 13/2011 recognizes as legal those lotteries issued by the State Society of Lotteries and State Betting and ONCE. Both two are the only officially recognized bodies for this task. As for online gambling, which is carried out mainly through electronic and telematic means (as is the case with mobile casinos), they also require a qualifying title. If the origin of the qualifying title that the casino has has been issued by a State outside of Spain, this title will be considered invalid. For online gaming to be completely legal, you must have a title officially issued by the State of Spain .

When is a casino considered a casino?

There are online gaming platforms that are not considered mobile casinos, although they may seem so. For a casino to be considered a digital recreational gaming space, it must meet the following three requirements:

  • Money is risked. The game is not free, but requires a certain amount of money to be carried out.
  • The results on which you bet must be subject to chance and predictions of the future. They are thus not fully subject to the abilities of the participant.
  • In exchange for victory or winning, prizes must be offered, either in cash or in kind.

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